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Policies, Statutory Documents and Financial Documents

The Trust has a Master Funding Agreement and each school within the Trust operates its school budget under a Supplementary Funding agreement. The Trust follows the requirements of the EFA Academies Financial Handbook, Charity Commission regulations for Charities Accounts and Companies House requirements. The Trust accounts are a consolidation of the four schools of the Trust and the statutory accounts are published annually. The Trust has an Accounting Officer and an Audit and Risk Committee, who have responsibility for the financial oversight of the Trust. 

Please refer to school websites for individual school policies, all of which have been developed under the Scheme of Delegation.

  1. 2017-18 Annual Report and Financial Statements

  2. 2018 Management Letter

  3. Memorandum of Association

  4. Academy Articles of Association 2015

  5. SHARE MAT Funding Agreement

  6. Academies Financial Handbook 2018

  7. SHARE MAT Annual Report and Financial Statements to 31.8.16

  8. Audit letter to Management - Annual Accounts & Financial Statements 31.8.16

  9. Financial Regulations 2018-19

  10. Accounting Policy 18-19

  11. Procurement Policy 18-19

  12. SHARE MAT Annual Report and Financial Statements at 31 August 2017

  13. Audit letter to Management - Annual Report & Financial Statements at 31 August 2017

  14. SHARE MAT Complaints Policy & Procedure

  15. SHARE MAT Management of Stress Policy & Procedure

  16. SHARE MAT Trustees Allowances Policy & Procedure

  17. Student Charging and Remission Policy 2018-19

  18. SHARE Gender Pay Report 2019 2020

  19. SHARE MAT Bullying and Harassment Policy & Procedure

  20. SHARE MAT Attendance Management Policy

  21. SHARE MAT Leave of Absence Policy

  22. SHARE MAT Travel and Subsistence Policy

  23. SHARE MAT Capability Policy & Procedure

  24. SHARE MAT Flexible Working Policy & Procedure

  25. SHARE MAT Disciplinary at Work Policy & Procedure

  26. SHARE MAT Grievance Policy & Procedure

  27. SHARE MAT Recruitment Policy & Procedure

  28. SHARE MAT Code of Conduct

  29. SHARE MAT Equality & Diversity Policy & Procedure

  30. SHARE MAT ICT Policy & Procedure

  31. GDPR Policy & Procedure

  32. SHARE MAT Freedom of Information Policy & Procedure

  33. SHARE MAT Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure

  34. SHARE MAT CCTV Policy & Procedure

  35. SHARE MAT Communications Policy & Procedure

  36. SHARE MAT TEMPLATE Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy & Procedure