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Share MAT

Growing the Trust

We are keen to grow the SHARE Trust with new schools but will only do so if we can continue to achieve our core goals and work in accordance with our values. This means we will be honest about whether we can support your school if it needs help and be open about our own strengths and areas for development. Every school has something to offer and we are always open to new ways of improving our own practice.

Joining SHARE could therefore be an opportunity to influence education within a wider group and improve the experiences of a larger number of children and young people.

Alternatively, you may be considering applying for a position with SHARE Multi-Academy Trust. Our values and beliefs apply equally to our employees. We want them to feel happy and to enjoy success, willing and able to try their absolute best to help our pupils succeed. We very much value our employees and invest in them, recognising that we are a team that achieves together.

We hope that visiting this website encourages you to learn more about our Trust and to take the next step in joining us.