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Our Trip to Aysgarth Falls by Leon Rhodes, age 11

Millbridge Junior, Infant & Nursery School

What a wonderful day! It was probably one of the best trips you can go on. I loved it – seriously, we were allowed to roam around, as long as the teachers could see us. I’d love to go there again, even though it’s a long journey.

After a while in the sickly-smelling coach, we finally arrived: we were put out of our misery.

Our adventure wasn’t over though…we were made to walk down a really steep hill (not to mention later having to walk back up to the coach!)  When we appeared at the visitor centre, we visited the toilets to freshen up. I desperately needed the toilet. Meanwhile, Mrs Pitts told the lady that there were 76 children there. I really wanted to see her face!

I bet some of the staff were annoyed when we got to the waterfall because every 2 minutes they were asking us to, Move away from the edge,’ – they must have been stressed.  We first visited the upper falls where we heard splashes of water against the limestone rocks. Initially, we couldn’t see the waterfall as it was hidden behind the trees. Excited to get a glimpse, I raced to it. I realised we were eating our dinner first, so I had to wait.  After I ate my dinner, I stared at the waterfall, getting ready to draw and paint it. It was amazing!